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Yes, I am one of “those” kinds of people – the sappy kinds of people. I am a sucker for love and all the details that come with it! Like how you met, who asked who, where the proposal happened, did you know it was going to happen, etc. etc. I nerd out on wedding stuff. What can I say, this is my jam!

Hey! I'm Mariah!

Mariah, Denver Wedding Planner at Bonnaroo

Meet Mariah

Mariah, Denver Wedding Planner at Bonnaroo

Mariah in her natural habitat: Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Oh, Heeeeyyy! Nice to see you over here in my little corner of the blog-o-sphere. Chances are, if you’ve made it this far, then you’ve already dug around on my website and have a feel for who I am. If you found me by chance (yay Google!), then you should totally pop over and check out some of my work, witty banter and super rad couples. There’s a whole lotta pretty that deserves a peek, plus, I’m funny as hell.  You’ll have fun, I promise!

married couple holding hands and walking through a rock cave

You know you want to see more pretty wedding photos. Take a peek at my portfolio to get a taste of what I do. Photo by: Carrie Swails

Spending every weekend, knee deep in other people’s love stories is basically the best job ever for a detail-oriented gal who loves adventure and craves variety in her life. I’m a risk-taker by nature, so when you come at me with your wild dreams and epic plans, I find myself going all-in, right along with you. Because of this, we’ll spend a lot of time together. I love getting to know you. By the time your wedding rolls around, it’s likely we’ll have had some epic car karaoke jam sessions and I’ll know your crazy Starbucks order by heart (grande, three pump, nonfat, white mocha with no whip!).  

person handing a bride and groom a microphone as they walk down a staircase while holding drinks

Wild smiles, occasional dancing, and tears during first dances are all the norm from me on a wedding day. Photo by: Valeria Heine

denver wedding planner setting a table for a wedding reception

DetailsDetails didn’t get its name by accident. I am all about the details, and making sure they’re right, so you don’t have to! Photo by: Evermore Creation

I have always been the girl that celebrates love. You can think of me as your co-author for your wedding story. Basically, as your Denver wedding planner, I step in and help you write that last chapter before you start your forever. Since I’ll be all up in the middle of your love story, I suppose it is only fair to share a little bit of mine. My longest relationship is with Chuck Norris. He’s my dog, but he’s been my steady for more years than anyone else. Don’t let my occasional f-bomb fool you…I can be a little old school (even in my 30s, I didn’t move in with my boyfriend until my parents met him and gave the thumbs up). I love digging in deep and really getting to know people at their core. I believe there is a lid for every pot, and four years in with my boyfriend Jonathan, I can safely say, I think we enjoy sticking around each other. In a world that celebrates fast, I believe it is ok to take things slow, pull the trigger, walk the plank, say yes to the last vagina ever, on your own terms.

Adorable Dog looking over it's shoulder while wearing a sweater with a fox on it

Meet Chuck Norris. If this stud’s winning smiled doesn’t melt your heart, then I am not sure we can be friends.                                       Chuck is on the ‘gram if you’re like me and require a daily dose of handsome in your life.

I love being silly and having fun. I speak fluent movie quotes, and my love language is tacos. Music is my life outside of weddings. In fact, if you want to get married during Bonnaroo while MoonTaxi plays in the background, let’s talk! If I were to pick two more things that define me, it would be family and the beach. I grew up in SoCal, and much of my upbringing is wrapped up in family memories at Huntington Beach. In fact, should I ever get married one day, you’ll likely find us saying vows there, surrounded by candles at sunset. We will have sand in our hair from playing volleyball all day. The scent of BBQ will surround us, and our guests will cheer us on with margaritas in their hands. It will be ah-mazing. 

Arial View of Huntington Beach.

My most favorite spot in the world, Huntington Beach.

Love stories are unique and deeply personal. I believe your wedding should reflect that. I want you to feel empowered to share every idea that anyone has ever called crazy, and together, we will dream up how to make them a reality.

Peace, love and puppy snuggles,


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