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Yes, I am one of “those” kinds of people – the sappy kinds of people. I am a sucker for love and all the details that come with it! Like how you met, who asked who, where the proposal happened, did you know it was going to happen, etc. etc. I nerd out on wedding stuff. What can I say, this is my jam!

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wedding guests dancing at a reception

wedding guests dancing and sitting on tables at a wedding reception
J. La Plante Photo | Dunafon Castle @dunafon_castle_weddings 

It’s one of the most common dilemmas when planning a wedding – how do you narrow down your wedding guest list? With so many people you want to invite, it can be tough to know where to start. Here are a few of our best tips to help you pare down your guest list and make sure that the most important people in your life are there to celebrate your big day:

Start with the must-invites

The first step is to include yourselves and then make a list of the people you absolutely must invite. This will usually include immediate family members, plus any close friends or family who matter most to you as a couple. Think of it this way, when you look back at your wedding photos 5 years down the road, will all of those people still be in your circle? 

Consider your budget

One of the main reasons couples have to cut down their guest list is because of budget constraints. If you’re on a tight budget, you may need to be more selective about who you invite. Consider your priorities – if you really want to invite everyone, you may need to compromise on other aspects of your wedding, like the venue or catering.

Think about your venue capacity

The size of your venue will also play a role in how many people you can invite. If you’re set on a certain venue but it has a smaller capacity, you may need to slim down your guest list accordingly.

Make it an adults-only affair

If you’re not planning on inviting children to your wedding, that can help narrow things down quite a bit. This can be a tough decision to make, but it may be necessary if you’re trying to keep your guest list manageable.

Prioritize close family and friends

If you’re still having trouble figuring out how to narrow down your wedding guest list, try focusing on close family members and friends. These are the people who will be most invested in your big day, so they should take priority over more distant relatives or acquaintances.

Don’t feel obligated to invite everyone

If you have distant relatives or family members in your life who you’re not particularly close to, don’t feel like you have to invite them just because. The same goes for friends who you haven’t seen in years – it’s okay to leave them off the guest list.

Use a wedding website

If you’re still struggling to keep track of your guest list, consider using a wedding website like The Knot or Wedding Wire. These websites offer guest list management tools that can make things a lot easier. Plus, they can be a great way to keep your guests updated on all the latest wedding news.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide who you want to invite to your wedding. Just remember that it’s YOUR day, so don’t feel pressure to please everyone. Hopefully these tips will help you figure out how to narrow down you wedding guest list and just focus on the people who matter most.

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